MT VOID 11/28/97 (Vol. 16, Number 22)

MT VOID 11/28/97 (Vol. 16, Number 22)

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Mt. Holz Science Fiction Society
Club Notice - 11/28/97 -- Vol. 16, No. 22

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Outside events: The Science Fiction Association of Bergen County meets on the second Saturday of every month in Upper Saddle River; call 201-933-2724 for details. The New Jersey Science Fiction Society meets on the third Saturday of every month in Belleville; call 201-432-5965 for details.

MT Chair/Librarian:
       Mark Leeper   MT 3E-433  732-957-5619
HO Chair:     John Jetzt    MT 2E-530  732-957-5087
HO Librarian: Nick Sauer    HO 4F-427  732-949-7076
Distinguished Heinlein Apologist:
       Rob Mitchell  MT 2D-536  732-957-6330
Factotum:     Evelyn Leeper MT 3E-433  732-957-2070
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URL of the week: A used-book search that tells you who has that hard-to-find SF book (or any sort of book), and lets you order over the Web or call the store directly. [-ecl]


We are restarting an old tradition, the Leeperhouse Film Festival. Some of our members will remember an old out of hours activity of the Science Fiction Club. Starting with the 50th anniversary the release of KING KONG back in 1983 we began having showings of science fiction films on video in our home for members every two weeks. Eventually we eliminated the requirement the films be science fiction and the restriction to members, and then the showings became fewer and further between. At times we had had over twenty people show up to see and discuss films. Eventually the festival petered out to having only one person show up, occasionally not even that. But lately I have been hearing murmurings that people would like to see the Leeperhouse Film Festival start again.

Maybe the reason it died before was that members were young and had families to raise and did not want to take the time. Now those darling little children have grown up and are dying they hair orange. They are getting tattoos and body piercings in places their parents would rather not know about. (At least the worst places don't show. At least not legally.) And those members are being told by their childrens' analysts that the reason the kids are rebelling that the parents stifled the children when they were growing up. The parents should have given the children a little freedom and responsibility. Those parents should have gone out in the evenings occasionally for a good movie and some good conversation. Well, I knew this was going to happen. I tried to help out with my film festival, giving parents a place to go. Those of you who still have children, it may not be too late. Come to the rebirth of the Leeperhouse Festival. Hide the hole punches, staplers, and power drills in your home, and come to the Leeperhouse Film Festival.

On Thursday night, December 4, at 7:30 PM the festival starts again. Directions to the Leeperhouse and/or a map available on request. We will be showing a film that appears to have disappeared and which as been much requested. It seems that in 1980 the Public Broadcasting System was building insidious pledge- break traps and baiting them with their own film version of Ursula K. LeGuin's novel, THE LATHE OF HEAVEN. It was directed by David Loxton and Fred Barzyk and I am told it was fairly accurate to the book. It starred Bruce Davison as a man whose dreams come true...literally. Kevin Conway plays the psychiatrist who wants to exploit his patient's peculiar power. I will be frank enough to say that I am not wild about the film, but it has gained a reputation as a lost gem and I frequently hear people who are anxious to see it. Maybe if people are interested in this, I could be persuaded to show the BBC's super-faithful and well-produced version of John Wyndham's THE DAY OF THE TRIFFIDS. [-mrl]

                                   Mark Leeper
                                   MT 3E-433 732-957-5619

Quote of the Week:

            Convictions are more dangerous enemies
            of truth than lies.
                                          -- Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzche